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FPO360, A management platform for FPOs, FPCs and Cooperatives

Communicate, Share, Transact, Record and do much more with FPO360

Built for FPOs


These are the principles this platform is designed and built for. The power of collective will help farmers to present a single front to the marketplace and input service providers and get best deals for their organization.

FPO360 is a first of its kind most loved platform to help Farmer Producer Organizations, Farmer Producer Companies, Cooperatives to digitize and automate day to day operations besides planning and executing a full fledged marketing strategy by connecting with buyers and transacting with them . The solution provides a 360 degree capability to collect, update and maintain farmer data, aggregate crop information, discuss and agree prices with the farmers. It also provides a powerful communication platform to the collectives to remain connected with the farmers by regularly providing key information about best practices, movement of market and latest initiatives and Government schemes. Collectives connect directly to a B2B marketplace from the platform to interact with buyers, negotiate and sell the member farmers’ produce. With a simple, easy to use graphical interface that currently supports as many as 4 Indian languages is connected to a farmer application for fetching and updating critical crop data.

Features of FPO360

FPO360 offers unique proposition to our progressive Farm Producers Organizations and Cooperatives

Farmer Using Technology

Active Involvement Of Farmers

Farmers are registered by the FPO, but the profile updates are done by the farmer from the convenience of their devices. They can provide update of their
– Land Details
– Crop Information
– Harvest Calendar
Farmers can negotiate with their company procurement for transfer price of their produce.
Receive Notice messages and Event invites on their devices and much more

FPO At The Centre

FPO360 allows administrators to manage the company’s operations and communications end-to-end. It allows for smooth handling and transparency across the organization. Just like an ERP, FPO360 enables functionalities of management across

  • Negotiation with Farmers on Transfer price
  • Communication by sending Notices
  • Visibility into Yield and Produce of farms
  • Setting up Events and Calendar Invites
  • Crop Information System
  • Stock Management
  • Market Place Linkage

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Arthamitra – FPOs Best Friend

FPO360 uses phygital model to bridge the digital backlog at the rural end. To do so, our superheros “Arthamitras” act as a companions and comrades to farmers.
Arthamitras provide benefits of physical presence and skilled background. In return they create a sustainable business model for themselves by providing products and services at a cost.
Arthamitras are always connected to the platform and ensure continuous flow of inputs to the system by driving internalization at the FPO level

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