Trust based ecosystem

A Farmers Perspective

Based on true incidents We recently hired a farmer’s son as a CEO in one of our supported FPOs. The FPO was unable to find the right candidate and requested us to help with their hiring process. After working with the FPO for a month; he landed up in our office. I wanted to get…

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Digitization Part 2: Driving Market Expansion and Concerted Collaborations

In the previous sections, we delved into the transformative power of digitization, uncovering its role in surmounting challenges stemming from undercapitalization, securing funding opportunities, and guiding strategic business planning for FPOs. The creation of Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) and Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs) stems from a shared commitment to uplift the farming communities, necessitating not…

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Who moved my Tomatoes

Who moved my Tomatoes, again!

Tomatoes have a quirky history that starts with their cheeky little ancestors in South America. Fancy Spanish explorers sailed across the seas, discovering these peculiar red fruits. They brought them back home, leaving people scratching their heads, wondering what to make of them. Some even feared they were poisonous, but the clever Italians thought otherwise…

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Digitization of FPO

Part 1: Driving Financial Sustainability and Strategic Business Design 2 min read During a recent visit to a Farmer Producer Company (FPC) that had been established nearly a year ago, we observed that despite having qualified leadership and a well-established supply chain for their horticultural produce, they were facing significant challenges in achieving a profitable…

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Arthagri Ecosystem

How many Agri Market Platforms does India need?

Originally published in Linkedin Often the marketplace solution providers in Agri space are confronted with the question on why they are developing something for which India is still not ready. The disorganised system, lack of trust, thousands of instances buyer-seller discussions going awry, strikes, logistical issues, farmers going back on their commitments to supply, buyers…

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